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<< Insurrection of Consciences >>?           

Introduction : Faites suivre merci lien

Introduction: please follow link

0 # introduces Me to Victor Baldassare 82 years old good manual worker, not diploma naturalized French at the age of 11 years and does my service for France. Dictates with the Dragon system (it’s actually IBM). It makes a lot of mistakes, speaking the Guinea cow, I could not correct 01 # All the text thank you to report them in red and send it to me on my email address. Thank you.


03 # Victor and Groups 06 FI launches an appeal to the citizens of France will be group No. 1 and then spread it to the universe which will be group No. 2 N ° 3 etc. Priority call for elections 2019 to all those who never voted to register before the end of the year 04 # where to manifest the 17nov then manifest 3 days on April 30th on May 1st and May 2 will be a social strike for a real change join our M Ouvement all political parties trade unions,

05 # Yellow Waistcoat etc. except 1% and And the leaders of the national gathering. On 3 themes inseparable health, detox and the environment on the program of happiness and the future in common for peace in this forum 06 # that it will be necessary to extend the universal feast of children of citizens save the planet with the numbered slogans that follow , which pass over the Internet. 1 click vote. Revolution to the Gandhi! adventure only has meaning collectively and well in solidarity

07 # The General strike may also be done down home sitting on a chair for the older or weaker if you don’t want to go out and protest, market, no more apologies.

1 # This important moment for France humanity and FI for our future in common must not make us forget the many other subjects. 1appel also for those who wish to join us, help us to carry out our activities. We win!

2 # Globalization His government changes history Of the people and the poor. Millions of citizens have died and sacrificed needlessly

5 # 1%. Do not want peace in this world, FI is the only movement with a program of happiness for Citizens for peace power to the people, being secular is being patriotic. They say and write but do the opposite yes the opposite in acts. They’re liars!

6 # The American and European bankers financed the two wars and prepared other wars! The wars in this world are almost permanent and in 1922 and 23 on November 11th only concerns France!

7 # The French remained at war they went to fight against the Russian people? How much did the 2018 3-day ceremonies cost? 70 Heads of state, some of whom as our President advocates peace and tells us to live peace, by preparing for war!

8 # with the 1% and their valets prepare a European army to better support the Americans! Celebrating peace to prepare for war! Criminals who talk to us about peace???

9 # Decades of clubbing of pubs and religions have left traces high finance they’ve all taken us for 70 years. The bio sold without plastic packaging. Cheaper than the Poison that the agro-food that is chemical let’s win 10 # This is the Biocoop 21 store, 14rue of the water tower in the 10th of Paris. See somewhere else? It is found 250 ref sure fruits, fresh vegetables, dried vegetables red beans, lentils, quinoa, honey, virgin oil, tea, coffee to grind, wine even liquid dishwashing. Http:// monde?Agir s’investir ou financer est encore plus difficile ! Vous faites le jeu des 1 % ! Votez FI et suivez le

15 # The collective force to change this world. The fortunes of the 3 wealthiest families in the United States increased by 6000% in 35 years while the U.S. median income decreased by 3% in the same period. A growing gap in the obvious political consequences of the capitalistic Sy

16 # The richest three represent that of the poorest half of the population, i.e. some 162 million people? The question that arises everywhere and the same is there a threshold of tolerance of societies to inequalities?

17 # The right of PATIENTS to treat themselves differently and without paying!!! Vote FI and follow the Http://

Resistance sign Petitions sign!

18 # The right to know about banks and your money. Why and how to act impose a real change under the control of citizens. Links:

Agis to 1 referendum révocateur complete the program changes this world BOYCOT bad chemical food products

19 # Why and how to change this world! # people run after time and money, they don’t take the time to read our info our health tips without paying anything!

# The 1st fight is health relearn to eat and detox to help his body considering pollution without paying anything! Vote FI and follow the

21 # The Miracle of Lemon and honey and alvés this set to remove the cancerous toxins: Honey whisky and alvés < It is necessary to shake the vial before each use, put in the fridge the addition. Vote FI and follow the

22 # Artémisia against Palu and cancer: 30 or 3 times a day without forgetting to associate the iron. Vote FI and follow the

23 # Desmodium: To treat hepatitis, reduce allergies, liver: two to four teaspoons per day, four to eight capsules per day.

See my recap health vote FI and follow the link:

24 # Relearn to eat detox help his body view pollution without paying # miracle of Lemon and Honey: The alvés the whole removes cancerous toxins: Honey whisky + the alvés it takes b

27 # The future in common!!! France will make legend… Whatever we say, the social struggle draws a main source….


28 # 2018-09-08présentation and slogans of 19-10-18 with No.

Put on the site petition N ° 2

29 # Only the strength of the people will allow this change for your health… When the people are under the storm, crazy who makes the delicate, crazy who thinks of his quarrels, at the heart of the common fight.  » Boycott!!!

30 # Site Petitions ° 2 at the beginning of each page: You can make a single vote on every 5 pages.

You signed the petition, I kiss you. I would like to thank you for your interest in the cause of the BIA people and its programme, all against the crime of solidarity. T

33 # The undecided, reluctant and all who do not vote and never strike a new original form all united throughout France

RAP Introduction :

0#je me présente Victor Baldassare 82 ans ex ouvrier très bon manuel, sans diplôme naturalisé français à l’âge de 11 ans et fait mon service pour la France. Je dicte avec le système dragon (c’est en réalité IBM). Il fait pas mal de fautes, parlant la vache rital, je ne pourrais pas corriger 01#tout le texte merci de me les signaler en rouge et de me l’expédier sur mon adresse courriel. Merci.

Courriel :

34 # Young people take your life into your own hands, change your bad habits! Register to vote FI in 2019 and vote in my petitions for the protection of health and children!

35 # The people, the little people, the poor want quick answers that apply immediately, even without money to improve everyday life. Our first fight is in petition No. 2 and 4 of the

36 # All 5 ‘ A child dies for lack of the financial cannibal of the world, decides together cannibalism for their absurd capitalism! Participate citizens in the reconquest of our sovereignty, decide ourselves, our destiny and our resources

37 # The ignorant or not, the lazy, we take you for fools Yes cons, workers, employees etc. All those who have strayed disappointed in policies since 50 years of unfulfilled promises made by various political parties that have failed to change This world, why and how to realize our dreams never by force!

38 # that your diet is your best medicine! Live without drugs like me see my health recap! No need for synthetic products if you do your garden and you eat organic at 100% you will not need extra vitamins!

39 # All Chickadees and modified products are bad for your health.

40 # The hardest thing is to find the best organic products The least modified and the simplest, see my 9 page recap on health read it 3 times this text and do the 3 month test you will see the results!

If you eat 50% less and you chew a small bite 30 times you will get good results!

41 # I advise you to take anyway: linseed oil – 3x in the Year 3 lemon cures year round – Parsley = Vitamin C – Follow the method of Louis Kûhne and the 4 Baths: derivatives – Steam baths – trunk baths for the handicapped – sun Baths for the Vitamin D possibly some cod liver oil for the Nordics.

42 #Osez everything. Follow up on Twitter and Facebook to take care of your health all concerned except the 1% criminals. Otherwise you will live in sickness! You will continue to enrich the 1% make an effort for the poor we are part of the same family on this planet!

43 # BFM TV and Chalevron fierce liars waging war against the insubordinates they claim they are dangerous, they are as for the maternity Leblanc; The media watchdogs want to make believe that FI and Mélenchon is dangerous for future elections

44 # JL Mélenchon 1 only rectif you depressed yes good for health, avoid shouting too much you risk 1problème health if you are put in the hospital you risk going out only between the boards follow my advice in the link recap health.

45 # My Info gets complete from No. 1 to 3 + to pass on Twitter one is limited in text, Jupiter to vote laws against liberties under pretext of terrorists created by les1% arms sellers for their wars feed them, exploits misery. Link site

46 # Macron to mercenary employees for such violence, look what he does to the unsubmissive on Oct 16, sown doubts, exploited fears images before elections claim chaos, put the unsubmissive in the same bag that RN do not fall into these poisons

47 # pretends independent justice not for Jupiter as he did with Benalla; Down in the polls makes war on the unsubmissive for the youth elections sign up and with the retirees vote for the 6th Republic with the 5th you’ll get nothing but lies

48 # We need to rethink the strategy, the techniques of struggle. We need to innovate to become effective. We must finally instill fear in the minds of those who mart us

49 # Nothing will be done on the environment the evil food that destroys you this war you will earn it react with your shopping cart your fork buy organic products in Fracs. Eat 100% bio fruits and vegetables of local season + 1détox free

50 # Easy to do: 1clic: to Not die

51 # Nothing will be done about the environment and the evil eats the daily poison that destroys you slowly, this war you will earn it if you react with your cart and your fork buy only organic products in frac.

52 # to not die even easier do a 3 month trial you will be convinced! Eat 100% organic fruits and vegetables of nearby season make a garden + a free detox see dont link

53 # Easy to make BIO nothing else. Not to die. Everything else is too altered or bad for your health. The news, Pub, etc. give you lies and complicates everything to deceive you better. Victor.

54 # 3choses to not die with your cart and fork you have a very great personal power to act you will win this war, if we are many we can establish the 6th Republic by your vote

55 # Vote FI in all national or international elections; Everything else is blah-blah, lies to make you believe in Santa Claus. In the link you will have the explanations and my petitions

Petitions Nos. 1 to 4

56 # A 4th petition by the

#Pour us all following the programs already existing in the blog complement your desires your changes or supplements, detox and health. La skit with René Lien:

57 # They do not give unnecessary information to educate the little people, (like me) the poor etc. only their financial interest counts they’re not going to cut their branches off!

58 #si We all get together with your caddy and your fork You can change this world!!! All in the street as in the World Cup, vote in the petitions of the link for your health! Thank you.

59# Lien du SITE :

Santé-À faire circuler sans modération dans les réseaux citoyens.

Je pense qu’il va falloir que nous fassions les choses nous-mêmes…


Union Européenne, 08- Politique française – Souveraineté du peuple

60Une New era The education of the children they can give their opinion, yours is to vote in the petitions at the age of 15 years.

61La peace and not to war, to vote for it and happiness for all; Sign to suppress wars what NATO and Europe are still preparing to arm for war.

Bonjour tout le monde

62 # Your commitment is vital to succeeding the 6th Republic put into practice daily the program the future in common; Money should not become an obstacle?

63 # All United to win this revolution with a consensus and the

64 # Those who desire a consensus that it be: right from the center of the left, associations, Attac of Greenpeace, FI, etc. Follow the petitions of the V once a week. Mr. P.U. to all your contacts, on Twitter, Facebook and if possible YouTube.


66 # A fourth petition by the all of us following the programs already existing in the blog and complementing your desires for changes or additions.

Liens: 1 rené 2 victor 3vmpu

rené pour votre santé


Clémentine Autain

Insoumis Bestien Lachaud

Melenchon la ville

Mélenchon sur le «  take news «

Mélenchon sur la loi « Avenir professionnel »


Video victor pour votre santé

Video victor pour votre santé

Adrien Quatennens

François Ruffin

Site victor pour votre santé

Site victor pour votre santé


Poverty Plan no money nothing planned from the blah blah!!!

67 # Launch A new war, we will reap what we sow vote in the

68 # If we all get together with your caddy and fork You can change this world!!! All on the street, vote in petitions for your health! World!!! All on the street, vote in petitions for your health!

69 # Consensus to succeed with the unsubmissive against the 1% Act for happiness and the future in common, let discover and vote in a movement for Europe vote for the health of your children! Sep 18 and Oct 9 all on the street!!!

70 # 1 Click vote. Gandhi Revolution! A bomb for Victory! Citizens of the world together we can realize our dreams!

Lien dans: …

71 # Act with a consensus to succeed. Citizens Mission the war with the Gandhi gives you the means it is you it is now against the poisons against globalization vote…

72 # Act with a consensus to succeed with the unsubmissive those who want to counter the 1% to succeed happiness and the future in common in a modern movement for Europe and the world in the universe, a citizen mission because the war at the Gandhi gives you the means it is you and it is now against the daily poisons against globalisation vote in petitions! …

73 # Revolution to the Gandhi! A bomb for Victory! World citizens together we can realize our dreams if you read more The bomb is in the link or filing underneath! Make follow courage for your survival, ACT, vote, thank you,,,…

74 # 1 Click vote. Gandhi Revolution! A bomb for Victory! Citizens of the world together we can realize our dreams!

73 # Revolution to the Gandhi! A bomb for Victory! World citizens together we can realize our dreams if you read more The bomb is in the link or filing underneath! Make follow courage for your survival, ACT, vote, thank you,,,…

74 # 1 Click vote. Gandhi Revolution! A bomb for Victory! Citizens of the world together we can realize our dreams!

77#Gagnez la coupe du monde de la santé avec

Les complots et l’opinion sa ce travail ???

À faire circuler sans modération dans les réseaux citoyens.

FAITES VOTEZ INSOUMIS pour le changement pour votre santé et implanter la constituante votre guerre !

78#Seule la force du peuple permettra ce changement pour votre santé

79#Maintenant le PEUPLE en EUROPE ! Agir pour implanter la première constituante !

80 # Quotes: « That the happiness of all flashes in the effort and grace of each, until we draw a world where what pours and spills over the borders transforms itself, on either side of the walls and all the barriers, in a hundred times a hundred times C ENT million fireflies! 81 # — one to keep hope within reach of all, others to guarantee the magnitude of this beauty against opposing forces. » Writer Martinique Patrick Chamoiseau has launched this Thursday a call for solidarity with the world’s migrants. A « declaration of poets » as an invitation to resistance to intolerance, racism, xenophobia and indifference to the other.

82 # < always reminded of the awareness that the ills and follies of our world are planting their roots in our personal sufferings. It is very encouraging

83 # and soothing to realize that healing of own wounds not only bring liberation into our lives but heal those of humanity > A lie repeated 10 times becomes a truth repeated 1000 times becomes public opinion http://

84 # If we could all know! We are closer #les each other than we imagine?

F. D. Roosevelt’s policy « Nothing that touches politics is random! » Let’s be sure that everything that happens in politics has been well programmed! »

F. D. Roosevelt

85 # In a letter dated August 15, 1871, Pike presented to Mazzini, ruler of the enlightened, a plan roughly plotted to conquer the world by three world wars to erect the ‘ New World Order ‘.

86 # Workshop of management and control of the constituent with its program for 2017: The advantages of a workshop of direction more dictatorship by a single man

87 # Talk about the right to think I’m sorry we are under control from birth to death, rich with more pleasure in sacrificing the planet and the future of children, I am ashamed for you I spent 82 years I continue to fight for the future

88 # General Strike new form sitting alone or in small groups in villages in some localities etc. Even with children,,,

89 # The General strike may also be done down home sitting on a chair for older or more faibls if you don’t want to go out and protest, market, no more apologies. E

Only one vote for the entire petition

<< Insurrection des Consciences >> ?

Achievements never made by force, such as Che Guevara or Garibaldi; Wanting to implant a universal social that has always been taken in hand.

Let us follow the advice of Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and the indignant STEPHANE HESSEL.

Let us write together the local, national, international program and the new citizens’ political class the real democratic method that speaks down with a chain of oversight that controls everyone in its perpetual motion.

<The Summary to be completed Here is the form, the description of the Local and Universal Participatory Petition. For all to put on my site .. If possible I need you to vote and to forward: before each heading or important explanation you click the square and in the rectangles your main info, for the comments to put in the site. The counters under each heading and acknowledgment with each vote Ad email date etc to follow the whole evolution. Name-City- monitoring chain. > The participative petition is in the process of installation make evolve it and put the useful links to all! ….










Dear friends,

I have just created my own petition on the Site of Petitions Citizens of AVAAZ–she/it titles herself/itself:  





  This reason results me indeed from heart and I think that together, we can act to defend it. My objective is to collect 100 signatures and I need your help to arrive there.  

For in to know more and to sign the petitions, click here: 


1st /? sbc 


2nd /? cHMnpbb  



Please take one instant to help me: make pass the word–such countries always start timidly, but take the size when of people as you imply themselves! 

Thank you a thousand times, Victor 








To make circulate without moderation in the networks citizens. 

Petition to get in the constitutions a moratorium concerning the nanotechnologies 

On the two themes danger and principles of precaution on all products and on all new technologies. (Even though 50 years are necessary 30 years to test these new products). 


The future is in the merde! 


(the info that follows is very important for the future of our children!). 




The ignorance: Under table setting of secret, the criminals have any snake swallowed! 


Under table setting of the crisis you make swallow any snake of it! 


Under table setting of virus, of infested animals, of flu, vaccins.etc. You swallow whatever! 



If you knew everything that one hides you a long time ago that you would have made the revolution! 


To stop with the poisoning of the populations, with the food of the intensive culture, revolutionary theme to making know and how to detoxify you. 


You will have the 5 findings of my conferences and the ties in the on line boutique.   


I think that you guessed: I insist to eat raw because it cools your body, 


If you eat cooks it warms it and increase the temperature your body what increases the fever of your body and the morbid matters. (the human being is Fructivor, and of generation in generation one damaged their health since he eats cooks, and it became more pronounced while becoming carnivorous, and especially with the chemicals of the second world war.) 


It is necessary that food must have a clear and simple labeling with the set of the products the constituent. 



  But the height of the truth, is begun since more of 10 years, One passes over you in silence, use concerning the nanotechnologies product by the man, almost everywhere introduces in: building, domestic, sartorial devices, the food, produced of beauty, etc. I hope to put a petition shortly to get a moratorium concerning the nanotechnologies on the two themes danger and principles of precaution on all products and on all new technologies. One will always tell you that is not established or proved; to pursue in this way that opens a new international market, they didn’t succeed in making with the atomic shield, or the shield anti sun. (sorry for these two badly explained terms). The users of the nanotechnologies and them (manufacturers) don’t have any constraint  

to indicate it on the products, as usual our governments are accomplices of the  


internationalization, to avoid to awaken the consciences, remains sewn mouth on the information to give to the citizens. So that it lasts as a long time as possible, as the  


controls of security don’t pass the last with a small budget,ils have no power; we are going to meet again before an a lot more important problem than the asbestos, the mad cow, or the simple medicine the plectrum, the Thalidomine passed under silence during 50ans.etc. The nanotechnologies 1000 thinner than a hair, is not audible by the animals and the human being, it will make considerable devastations for health on the whole planet and in:  


An irreversible dictatorship:  


The nanotechnologies manufactured by the man. 


React to avoid this irreversible slavery! 


<They will be able to manipulate you as they hear it: they programmed our life span. 


They will be able to make of you a professional assassin. To make you to commit suicide, to make you docile like a sheep. 


But especially they programmed our life span, to make die people between 40 and 45 years, more the need to be going to demonstrate to have a better retirement! >. 


To go back in resistance and to recover a little pride! 


To make a cross-current by a civic disobedience for a supportable decrease and a lasting and convivial development!  


 Of the non aggressive solutions to go circa a democracy participative, more merely toward a responsibility citizen and bound. 


Quotes: The IGNORANCE or NOT?   You poison your children! To eat BIO – Kokopelli: <But not of panic! The human food is already exit of an eminently toxic environment and the modern chemical agriculture constitutes, intrinsically, a massive destruction weapon of by his/her/its capacity to produce, in mass, of the highly poisoned foods. The mafia globaliste adores the diversity, especially the nécro-diversity of the strategies of poisoning of the humanity.> 


To make circulate without moderation in the networks citizens. 


TIES and 2nd PETITION: to sign the petition, click if under: