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<< Insurrection of Consciences >>?                   

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<< Insurrection des Consciences >> ?

Achievements never made by force, such as Che Guevara or Garibaldi; Wanting to implant a universal social that has always been taken in hand.

Let us follow the advice of Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and the indignant STEPHANE HESSEL.

Let us write together the local, national, international program and the new citizens’ political class the real democratic method that speaks down with a chain of oversight that controls everyone in its perpetual motion.

<The Summary to be completed Here is the form, the description of the Local and Universal Participatory Petition. For all to put on my site .. If possible I need you to vote and to forward: before each heading or important explanation you click the square and in the rectangles your main info, for the comments to put in the site. The counters under each heading and acknowledgment with each vote Ad email date etc to follow the whole evolution. Name-City- monitoring chain. > The participative petition is in the process of installation make evolve it and put the useful links to all! ….










Dear friends,

I have just created my own petition on the Site of Petitions Citizens of AVAAZ–she/it titles herself/itself:  





  This reason results me indeed from heart and I think that together, we can act to defend it. My objective is to collect 100 signatures and I need your help to arrive there.  

For in to know more and to sign the petitions, click here: 


1st /? sbc 


2nd /? cHMnpbb  



Please take one instant to help me: make pass the word–such countries always start timidly, but take the size when of people as you imply themselves! 

Thank you a thousand times, Victor 








To make circulate without moderation in the networks citizens. 

Petition to get in the constitutions a moratorium concerning the nanotechnologies 

On the two themes danger and principles of precaution on all products and on all new technologies. (Even though 50 years are necessary 30 years to test these new products). 


The future is in the merde! 


(the info that follows is very important for the future of our children!). 




The ignorance: Under table setting of secret, the criminals have any snake swallowed! 


Under table setting of the crisis you make swallow any snake of it! 


Under table setting of virus, of infested animals, of flu, vaccins.etc. You swallow whatever! 



If you knew everything that one hides you a long time ago that you would have made the revolution! 


To stop with the poisoning of the populations, with the food of the intensive culture, revolutionary theme to making know and how to detoxify you. 


You will have the 5 findings of my conferences and the ties in the on line boutique.   


I think that you guessed: I insist to eat raw because it cools your body, 


If you eat cooks it warms it and increase the temperature your body what increases the fever of your body and the morbid matters. (the human being is Fructivor, and of generation in generation one damaged their health since he eats cooks, and it became more pronounced while becoming carnivorous, and especially with the chemicals of the second world war.) 


It is necessary that food must have a clear and simple labeling with the set of the products the constituent. 



  But the height of the truth, is begun since more of 10 years, One passes over you in silence, use concerning the nanotechnologies product by the man, almost everywhere introduces in: building, domestic, sartorial devices, the food, produced of beauty, etc. I hope to put a petition shortly to get a moratorium concerning the nanotechnologies on the two themes danger and principles of precaution on all products and on all new technologies. One will always tell you that is not established or proved; to pursue in this way that opens a new international market, they didn’t succeed in making with the atomic shield, or the shield anti sun. (sorry for these two badly explained terms). The users of the nanotechnologies and them (manufacturers) don’t have any constraint  

to indicate it on the products, as usual our governments are accomplices of the  


internationalization, to avoid to awaken the consciences, remains sewn mouth on the information to give to the citizens. So that it lasts as a long time as possible, as the  


controls of security don’t pass the last with a small budget,ils have no power; we are going to meet again before an a lot more important problem than the asbestos, the mad cow, or the simple medicine the plectrum, the Thalidomine passed under silence during 50ans.etc. The nanotechnologies 1000 thinner than a hair, is not audible by the animals and the human being, it will make considerable devastations for health on the whole planet and in:  


An irreversible dictatorship:  


The nanotechnologies manufactured by the man. 


React to avoid this irreversible slavery! 


<They will be able to manipulate you as they hear it: they programmed our life span. 


They will be able to make of you a professional assassin. To make you to commit suicide, to make you docile like a sheep. 


But especially they programmed our life span, to make die people between 40 and 45 years, more the need to be going to demonstrate to have a better retirement! >. 


To go back in resistance and to recover a little pride! 


To make a cross-current by a civic disobedience for a supportable decrease and a lasting and convivial development!  


 Of the non aggressive solutions to go circa a democracy participative, more merely toward a responsibility citizen and bound. 


Quotes: The IGNORANCE or NOT?   You poison your children! To eat BIO – Kokopelli: <But not of panic! The human food is already exit of an eminently toxic environment and the modern chemical agriculture constitutes, intrinsically, a massive destruction weapon of by his/her/its capacity to produce, in mass, of the highly poisoned foods. The mafia globaliste adores the diversity, especially the nécro-diversity of the strategies of poisoning of the humanity.> 


To make circulate without moderation in the networks citizens. 


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